Sujet : « We were born the same year, both of us, and that year only two Valery were born. I checked, you know. That’s us. So if you want, now we become each other’s future ». 

Yes, they were born the same year and have the same first name; but that’s all they have in common. Everything else they decide to share.

WORKS (work in progress)

  • Valéry, manifeste (novel, 128p, 27x21cm)
  • Valéry, manifeste (graphic ensemble, 60p, 110p, 27x21cm) composed of scores, posters, photographs, digital drawings.
Valéry, manifeste, poster Le genre d’odeur qui tue la vie
Valéry, manifeste, digital drawings Les marches du lycée
Valéry, manifeste, score Un chemin de trois jours