Providence is a novel in three chapters whose intimacy and secrecy are protected by three cases, together with visual and sound artworks (music, readings, drawings, posters, paper sculpture) emerging from the narrative.

The novel explores the effects of mourning on a young man named Axel. After a first period of affliction, he is overwhelmed with an unprecedented sensation of freedom, that encourages him far beyond his and his loved ones’ boundaries.

In the exhibition, the visitor can’t read the novel, but only apprehend the narrative by fragments, through the artworks.

/ ARTWORKS (in progress)

  • Providence, novel in three chapters
  • Providence, Music for Work (music on tape)
  • Readings (sound artwork on tape)
  • The armband (paper & India ink)
  • The posters (inkjet prints on India paper)
  • Reconstructions (series of digital drawings & pastels)
  • 3 drawings (I, II, III)
Providence, Music for work/7
Providence, chapter II cover (drawing, India ink)
Providence, poster Et puis tu vas vers Jude,
Reconstruction (digital drawing & pastel)
Providence, armband (paper & India ink)